2020 disaster year

It’s December 2020, I’ve lost an entire year. Last year in September 2019 I contracted pneumonia. I was sick thru the holidays. Then a new CT in January showed I was still having trouble, followed by another round of antibiotics, more nebulizer and inhalers. Then told to wait and get retested in July.

What they didn’t know was that by March the entire planet, and I mean the entire planet would be crushed by a pandemic, the Covid 19 pandemic. At first we thought it might be controlled by taking measures to prevent the spread. But the President of the country is a complete idiot and decided that measures of control would hurt him politically, so he decided to kill Americans instead. He went to rallies and told his numnut followers that the Covid wasn’t a big deal and that mask wearing was stupid. Now in December 2020 we have over 300,000 a dead in the US alone, 1030 in Oregon.

A bus load of seniors dies every two days in Oregon, and while a vaccine is approved we are getting a few thousand when we need 3 million. It’s insane, especially since those health issues remain a serious concern for me personally.

The fire: September 7, Oregon caught on fire. It’s a blur at this point. The state had a weird experience with the Santana winds. We never, and I mean NEVER get these. They blew in on Saturday and by Sunday there were multiple fires burning across the State. Our fire was called the Riverside fire. It started up by Threelinks. It stopped 1/3 of a mile from our farm. We were evacuated on Tuesday, late. We had to leave without moving our stock. The fire was moving so fast. An aquaintence lost there house on Wednesday. They only live a few miles from us. By Thursday it crossed Shibley Rd. But then the wind changed. It just stopped blowing. We were safe. We had evacuated to our Daughter Elizabeth and son-in-law’s home in Portland. The smoke remained unbreathable for two weeks as fires continued to burn in other areas. Our fire changed direction and moved East instead of west. Burning back on itself on the westside. In the end thousands of people lost their homes from Medford to Estacada. Absolutely awful. And that’s just Oregon. Thousands more lost homes and loved ones in California and Colorado. It’s a nightmare!

While all this was going on, a man named Floyd was killed by police back-east some where. It was caught on film, every one saw the poor man murdered. After that there were huge protest to stop how police do their job. Portland too has had many problems in this regard, every big city has. Then anarchist started their own violence hiding among the protest. The President made everything worse by saying there wasn’t a problem and blamed demonstrations for any lawlessness. He apparently thinks anarchist are liberals, which isn’t possible by definition.

The Pandemic is still with us. Actions have been taken to try to stop police from bad actions and the President was NOT reelected and it’s been raining! Our insurance covered the heavy smoke damage in the house (ceiling got painted and living room was cleaned).

my garden wasn’t tended and it’s ok because the hot wind and smoke would have killed it anyway.


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