Summer 2018

Ok, blogging is more difficult than I expected. I have tried to tie a pic to this post for 30 min., no luck.

Therefore I will insert the pics later. In the mean time here is what’s going on at the Farm.

First, it’s haying season. Every year we spend weeks looking at the sky trying to decide if we will get five days of no rain. In Oregon this is always a gamble. Many farmers guessed wrong two weeks ago and their hay was ruined. Those who have a hay fluffier only need three says and a few were lucky and got it up before the thunder storms rolled in. As for us, we are waiting. Think we will cut Saturday. Sure hope so, the waiting is killing me.

Why hay. Because that way we can be sure our animals get clean, unsprayed, varied grass and legume, healthy feed for the winter.

We rotate our pastures for feed but come winter the grass will stop growing and this hay will feed our pets.

Footnote, our cows, horse and goat are all pets. We use to do beef cattle, but ever since we bought these lowline cattle, well they are too cute to eat. We bought them assuming we would eat them, but they are so tame, so sweet, we just can’t. That was the point of course, to have cows that won’t test the fences all day, looking for a weak spot, or throw their heads at you just for walking by, like the Angus. With the Angus you had to watch their boundaries all the time. Don’t approach from this angle, not so close from here to get them to more there. You had to really pay attention. But these low lines, wow, they don’t care where you are ” just scratch me please” they say.

Now I have been around cows on and off most of my life, but I haven’t met cows like this. Even a pretty tame cow likes her space. Not these. You don’t herd them. Rick just walks in front and they will follow, or he will call “come baby” and here they come. Like a dog! Ok, they still weigh 800 plus pounds, but they are so gentle and careful around you. Even with the grand baby. Aiden is only two, but has learned to call them. At first he hid a bit when they come running but now he knows they will stop so he waits with his hand out, they lick him good and he gives them an apple for their trouble.

So that is why we need good hay. Because great cows deserve great hay. Or yumyum, as Aiden says.

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