Opening Up

As more people get vaccinated stores etc. can open.  But everyone continues to wear a mask because we don’t want vulnerable people who can’t be vaccinated to get sick.  Being careful a few more weeks or months is worth it to protect our most vulnerable.  Of course some of our most vulnerable aren’t vaccinated because of health reasons but because they are mentally unbalanced or have irrational fears.  But they are also our most vulnerable just the same and so we must protect them too.  Asking them to prove that they haven’t had their vaccine and are without justification is just too embarrassing for everyone.  So, if mask wearing maintains our community, then so be it.

That brings us to today.  Rainfall remains at record lows.   But it did rain today.  Please let it be an unseasonably wet summer,  Dear God I pray. 

This is still spring and I am in the garden trying to remember what normal feels like.  For fun I copied all the family photos, I used fake moss to decorate stuff.  I used fake flowers to perk me up, I planted flowers, I decorated around the house with things that were fun and useful, or just art for the arts sake.  I put up more photos of family and we are planning for a family reunion in August when everyone is vaccinated.  Life goes on for us.  Everyone was not so lucky during the last year.  We have lost friends and family.  We have learned that this wasn’t as bad as it might have been and wearing a mask isn’t our Anne Frank moment.  Nazis were not hunting us, it was just a disease, a new one and a disaster but still just a disease.  Most of us made it through with new insight and new appreciation for the need for human contact. Empathy is a very necessary human quality. have empathy for those who can’t experience empathy is important too. Empathy doesn’t mean we excuse how they behave but we need to be kind to these poor souls.

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