The Fire

On Monday after Labor day weekend a fire that started over the weekend up at Three-Links was out of control. The small town was burned and the fire was moving fast to the Northwest, toward us. The wind was weird. Hot wind like this doesn’t happen here. It can’t get over the mountains. This never happens. Never. We live in a temperate rain forest. We get over 65 inches of rain a year. Yet this year is short on rain fall but the mountains didn’t get shorter. But here it is, the impossible happening. The fire is moving toward us at alarming speed. About ten miles a day.

On Tuesday the world around us changed. The state hwy north was blocked. A constant parade of trailers were going by the house. I was going to town, they let me by. I stopped a PU and asked what was going on. Elwood was being evacuated. Everything east of the Hwy. I made my trip to Estacada and picked up some supplies, see the media posts for pictures. The sky was filled with smoke. A fire up river, a fire at Eagle creek, a fire in Redlands. The upriver fire was named the Riverside Fire.

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