The Pandemic, CoViD-19

Ok where to start. First read about Covid happening in China in January. Read the existing health research on Covid generally, the SARS material. It’s dangerous. But we know where it is and surely the borders will be closed and we and the rest of the world will be protected. That didn’t happen. Thousands were allowed out of China, no tests were done and then the nightmare began. Cases occured in NY, hundreds. Surely we will shut the state borders and protect ourselves. But that didn’t happen. In early March several elderly people in senior care facility in Washington state got sick, and died! It took another month before it occured to anyone to isolate these facilities and test everyone who works there, wait it took two months to test all workers. By then thousands across the country were dead. The rest is in the news, but at home it meant I had to isolate because of my existing pneumonia condition I couldn’t risk getting this new version of CoViD, CoViD-19. Over the next few months we would create “pods”. PODs of family members who we could count on to take all the necessary health safety actions and stay safe and keep us safe too. It worked! Masks work!

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