The Vaccine

The Pandemic has taken more than half a million people. Even now children in Colton and Estacada are testing positive. How many will stuffer from the inflammation disease we aren’t told. None have died here but other zip codes were not so lucky.

When the vaccine was ready to emergency use we had to wait for all the health care workers and elderly high risk population to get shots. It took a month. When the over 65 group were eligible we were lucky because the distribution system had improved. Joanie got her shot in the 80+ group at the Safeway store in early March. Rick and I in late March at the Walgreens and had both shots by April. I can’t tell you how great it felt to feel safe from the danger.

What we learned bwasvthat the repeat infections of bronchitis and pneumonia I have suffered through for years didn’t happen during the lock downs. Masks, distance and good hygiene prevented these and gave me a chance to getter better. My first new cold wasn’t suffered until this month. Someone got careless at Aiden’s school. But it was just a cold. My colonoscopy was cancelled but other than that nothing else bad happened. I got over it in about three weeks with not extra illnesses. I am tired but will get better this time I think. Yeah!

Things we did during the pandemic, grew long hair, wore masks and had fun with stars wars characters

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