Here it is 2021 and I haven’t talked crafts in a long, long time.  I recently took a class on painting owls.  I especially liked the field scetches.  I have included a simple photo of the three dimension owl  and one field scetch.  It was fun.  Other than that my only crafty efforts have been simple Christmas package decorations.  I don’t have much energy these days.  Those of us classified as “extravert” have zero energy when we haven’t any energy source to pipe into.  No people, no energy.  Isolation, I thought, would give me more opportunities to do art and crafts but it had not occured to me that I needed “energy” to do art and I just don’t have any.  


   I have worked on some decorating, polished some silver, and worked more on plants.  But very little painting.  It is sad for me not to paint.  Here is all I have completed in the last three months.  Very sad.  See the photos at the end of crafts.  I couldn’t insert them here because I am bad at this.  

The only crafting I did this year 2018?, 2019? was the redo on the Trunk I got from Wendy, the Trunk from Joanies which went to Beth’s house, and the two chairs.

I painted the Bell Jar painting over and while it needs work, it is improved   no, I won’t  share it until it looks better.

Redid the dining room center piece several times.  And rearranged the island, which required refinishing.  It’s a two board trestle table, with pegs.  I have researched it trying figure a date with no luck   it has a very old shellac finish, all crackles and almost black with age.  So I think it is very early 20th century.  No screws or tags or labels to help I’D it.

The chairs project was interesting as it’s the first time I took on painting fabric on such a large piece.  The two chairs are very different, but both came out terrific.  As soon as I figure out how to add pictures and make them public I will share them

A few small projects were also done, painted the chicken, painted the new farm lights, outdoor furniture was polyed.

Joanie s trunk was easiest.  Had to clean it and fix the handles and paint them two and had to reupholstered the top, new foam and new fabric etc. Came out ok.  I think the foam was too soft and the fabric a bit soft.  But it looked great.

I haven’t completed much in the way of craft for a long time.  I fixed the trunk at bought at Wendy’s garage sale needed much more difficult repairs.  I had to fix trim that was eaten by the dog and I had to reclue the wood front in several places.  The bottom section was so bad I peeled it off and build new.  I used a mat finish but think I will go back and use a satin instead to better match the original finish.  It’s a very large trunk and will come in handy for seasonal clothes.

Did some new decorating above the French doors.  The horns I found are bigger than I wanted and so had to be right of center, so the Abeita pictures are in the center.  I am not sure I like it yet.  Will think on it more.  I love the horns but not sure this is the right place.

As a project decluttering would be a terrific idea, but I don’t  know when that will work out before I die, it’s just not a priority.





My owl
Field scetch